Monday, November 21, 2011

SkyMedia at Turin Marathon 2011

The EC-FP7 project SkyMedia has carried out a technological pre-test during the 25th Marathon of Turin, which has been held on November 13, 2011.

The Turin Marathon is a classical and important sport event that, in this year edition, has attracted more than three thousands of professional and amateur runners. The marathon starts and ends in the centre of the city of Turin, in the beautiful Piazza Castello, and touches along its course also seven villages in the nearby of Turin. 

A set of SkyMedia sub-systems has been pre-tested during the three-day event: the Interactive application, the Mobile application with QR codes, the runners' Application, the Wi-Fi ad-hoc network, the 3D cameras, and the Multimedia Service Platform.

SkyMedia booth in Piazza Castello

The focus of the test has been also on evaluating the end users response to these technologies, which has been enthusiastic. For this reason, several people, external to the project, have been involved: 
  • 6 amateur runners have directly participated using the runners' application during the race and wearing the QR code.
  • 30 end users tested the Interactive application and gave feedback through a questionnaire.
This pre-test has been also important in order to arrange and to evaluate logistical details in the same scenario where the final project demonstration will take place.

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