Tuesday, December 6, 2011

SkyMedia Interactive application test at Turin Marathon 2011

During the technological pre-test carried out at Turin Marathon 2011, the interactive application developed within the framework of the SkyMedia project was tested.

The Interactive application was designed to allow users to constantly follow the event, even with augmented and interactive information. In order to guarantee a complete immersive experience, both during and after the race, for spectators and VIP audience, three different modes for the application have been designed: the Live, Director, and Offline mode.

During the pre-test carried out at Turin Marathon 2011, only the Offline application was shown to the audience. This application allows spectators to watch highlights and runners’ performances after the race.

The SkyMedia Interactive application will be shown with full functionalities, together with the Live and the Director mode, during the second pre-test at Tutta Dritta 2012 (April 22, 2012) and during the final demonstration at Turin Marathon 2012.

For this demonstration of the Interactive application, a 42’’ HD touchscreen was mounted in the dedicated SkyMedia booth, at the Expo area in Piazza Castello in Turin. The interactive application was exposed for all the three days event and every people interested in was invited to test it.

The SkyMedia 42'' Full HD Touch Screen monitor

Through the application it was possible to see pre-recorded video from the previous year edition of the race, along with the six SkyMedia runners' personal data and performance such as heartbeat, race time, pace, running distance, and calories burned.

SkyMedia Offline Interactive application

It was also available the Touristic Information page, where end users could navigate a map with the route of the marathon and highlighed point of interest, with historical and touristic information.

SkyMedia Offline Interactive application - Touristic Information view

The testers of the Interactive application was invited to fill in and submit a questionnaire on their user experience. Their feedback was really impressive: the application received indeed high marks in all aspects: usefulness, usability, and graphics.

The SkyMedia questionnaire

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