Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SkyMedia and Nimbus at PROTEC 2011

SkyMedia project activities were presented at the PROTEC 2011 event in Turin on June 30, 2011, within a conference session on light UAVs as enabling technologies for public protection and security.

The SkyMedia presentation focused on how the enabling technologies deployed within the SkyMedia project in the entertainment field can be used to deliver public protection and security applications as well. In particular, they allow to:

  • Perform low cost aerial captures, silently and safely;
  • monitor the most critical terrain areas through the use of sensor networks, using the UAV as a relay; 
  • collect and process in a centralized manner all multimedia data collected on field; 
  • interact with citizens directly on their mobile phones, enabling prompt alerts and signaling of important events; 
  • interact with citizens using simple touchscreen interfaces deployed in strategically placed points of presence.

The Nimbus Metaplano

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